Yuanpei College discussed about the construction of the new major PPE with CCER



At noon on the 28th of October, Doctor Lu Xiaodong and Ms. Tan Xiaoqian of Yuanpei went to CCER talking with Professor Wu Hemao, Vice Dean of CCER, Mr. Zhao Pusheng and Liu Boqian from Educational Administration Division about the construction of the new major Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). And they agreed upon some points below:

I. In the second semester of the school year from 2009 to 2010, CCER will offer a seminar course in economics for all PPE students, which is compulsory and worth 2 credits. It will continue to open every spring semester.

II. PPE students can take part in the CCER summer camp to be enrolled into the graduate school of CCER. Student can apply and CCER will consider admission by the procedure and rules.

III. After the class of 2009, some students intending to study for PPE can choose the course of principles of economics offered by CCER. The specific taken-in number will be decided jointly by Yuanpei College and CCER after discussion.