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Happy Graduation to the Class of 2022 of Yuanpei College!

On June 26, 2022, the 2022 Graduation Ceremony of Yuanpei College of Peking University was successfully held in the University Hall. Before the ceremony, all the graduates of Yuanpei College in 2022, representatives of tutors, representatives of alumni, representatives of functional departments, and all faculty members of the college took a group photo in front of the library. Prof. Hao Ping, Party Secretary of Peking University, attended and took a photo with teachers and students.

Wang Jiajun, Professor of the School of Physics; Li Ruo, Professor of the School of Mathematical Sciences; Liu Yunshan, Professor of the Graduate School of Education; Song Yayun, Associate Professor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature; Zhang Jian, Associate Professor of the School of Government; Zhang Linfeng, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist ofDPTechnology, Class of 2011 Alumnus of Yuanpei College; Sun Hua, Director of the Center for Excellent Teaching and Learning of Peking University; Chen Jie, Director of the Real Estate Management Department; Zhao Guanying, Director of the Security Department; Jiang Xiaogang, Director of the Accommodation Service Center; Qian Junwei, Director of the Department of PE; Li Yun, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department; Wang Xintao, Vice Minister of Student Work; Wu Yanhong, Party Secretary of Yuanpei College; Li Meng, Dean of Yuanpei College and other guests attended the ceremony. All the staff of Yuanpei College and the 2022 graduates also attended the ceremony. Some students and parents of students who were unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to the pandemic watched the ceremony live online.

At 9:00 a.m., the entrance ceremony for teachers and students began. Yuanpei graduates in different majors walked into the venue holding banners with the names of their majors, which opened the prelude to the graduation ceremony.

At 9:20, the ceremony officially started. All rose and sang the national anthem.

The first was the ceremony of hanging the professional flag and wearing the college emblem. Wu Yanhong, on behalf of the college, wore the emblem of Yuanpei College for Mao Shulin, the graduate representative. The fluttering flags symbolize unique academic communities, and each academy emblem cherishes the best memory of the four years of university. No matter where we go or what time, "Yuanpei people" will be our common identity.

In his speech, Li Meng congratulated the 2022 graduates of Yuanpei College on the successful completion of their studies. The college remembered everyone's contributions to the construction of the Yuanpei community. At the same time, on behalf of the graduates, he thanked all professional departments and functional departments for their unfailing support to Yuanpei College, as well as all the staff of Yuanpei College, the accommodation officer, and the property management team of Yuanpei Dormitory Building for their hard work. Li Meng reminded the students that today's graduation ceremony commemorates not only their existing successes and honors, but also the power accumulated in the various difficulties, challenges, setbacks, and pains that they faced in the past. Looking toward the future, Li Meng hopes that the students can always maintain the tenacity and perseverance in their souls, which are obtained from Yuanpei's free choice, and always remember the sceneries they have seen, the days they spent in Yuanpei College, to go further and more firmly into the future.

Li Ruo, Professor of the School of Mathematical Sciences, delivered a speech as a representative of Yuanpei College's tutors. Li Ruo first congratulated all the graduates on their successful graduation. He reminded the students to always maintain a humble and cautious attitude in their future studies and work and to persist in their professional interests and vision for a long time. Finally, he urged everyone, no matter where they go in the future, no matter what position they are in,  not to forget that they were once a member of Peking University. He stated that every student should always carry a sense of responsibility to the country, the nation, and even the entire human race and always go with a clear conscience.

Based on his own experience, Zhang Linfeng, the representative of the alumni, emphasized the significance of Yuanpei's characteristic liberal arts education to personal growth. Using the facts in the real world, he, emphasized that Yuanpei students will never be alone when they explore freely, pursue what they love, and believe that idealism can change the world. In the end, he hopes that everyone could maintain the courage to explore freely and pursue their love, and hope that everyone can always stay true to their original aspirations and dare to be the first in the world.

Ding Xiyou, Deputy Party Secretary of Yuanpei College, read out the "Decision of Yuanpei College of Peking University on Recognizing Outstanding Graduates in 2022".

At the ceremony, all participants watched the 2022 graduation review video "Wonderful Yuan" which was recorded by Yuanpei teachers and students and edited by graduates, and the blessing video "Yuanpei College 2022 Teachers Graduation Message" recorded by all the teachers of the college was broadcast. The graduation review video condenses so much warmth and emotion belonging to the 2022 graduates and the teachers' blessing video also expresses the ardent expectation and affectionateness of the teachers of Yuanpei College to the 2022 graduates.

Tan Shiyin, the representative of the graduates, reviewed her colorful experiences during her study at Yuanpei and showed her understanding of "choice" both in class and after class. The freedom to choose is also a responsibility. The choice is the wealth of the Yuanpei people, and it is a journey where students and the college run to each other to embrace each other. The 2022 graduates, with the teacher's expectation, will "continue to grow hard", live up to their youth and the times, to face various choices in their life with a more positive attitude.


The representative of the 2018 “Dual Student Status" Pilot Student reviewed the experience, gains, and training of the pilot students in Yuanpei college in the form of a video, and expressed their blessings to their classmates. He also wishes they could make persistent efforts, create greater glories, and make their contributions to the aerospace cause of the motherland!

Liu Jianbo read out the "Graduation Decision of Yuanpei College on the Class of 2022", 289 Yuanpei College graduates completed all the courses stipulated in the training plan, met the grade standard,  passed the graduation defense, and were approved to graduate and be awarded the bachelor's degree.

Then came the turning of the tassel ceremony. Mentors including Wang Jiajun, Li Ruo, Liu Yunshan, Song Yayun, Zhang Jian, Wu Yanhong, Li Meng, Liu Jianbo, and Sun Feiyu turned the tassel of graduates. of the class of 2022  on stage.

After the turning of the tassel ceremony, the graduation ceremony officially ended.

May life treat the class of 2022 kindly and may this memory of the Yuanpei people forever stay! Sincerely wishes to every Yuanpei graduate who can bring the knowledge, belief, and courage gained in Yuanpei all along the way to pursue their dreams and live up to their youth by working hard and moving forward bravely. and that they can devote themselves to the country, realize their value in the times, and become the pioneering force to fulfill the great rejuvenation of the Chinese!